New Year Celebrations

New year celebrations at Vighnaan are joyful. Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! We recognize the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic brings to students and families. The safety and health of our students remain our top priority. The first day Read more

Sports Day

Summer at school means getting ready for sports days. It’s a great way to round off the end of the school year with a few activities, some of which are fun while others are competitive. This is a chance for Read more

Kids and Music

Kids and music are a natural fit. Whether you’re singing a lullaby to your child or they are trying to make music of their own by using their toys, kids are hooked on music at a young age.

Child Development

Child development refers to the sequence of physical, language, thought and emotional changes that occur in a child from birth to the beginning of adulthood. During this process, a child progresses from dependency on their parents/guardians to increasing independence. Child Read more